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Gourmet Fish

Hi everyone, there is no way I can write about food… The thought of cooking and eating again for 3 days… So enjoy the picture — I have no clue what fish it is or how to make it! Chag Samech.   Toby

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Gabby’s Pizza Muffins

As we are all aware my kids (just 2 of them) are picky eaters. This post is about Matthew. My neighbor is amazing in so many ways—today she is amazing because she gave me a recipe for Pizza Muffins. So easy! Buy pizza dough Trader Joe’s, sauce, mozzarella cheese and cup cake tins. What makes […]

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So what are you going to eat?….

In my house or ME its all about after the fast. Let’s be real no matter how much protein you eat and how much water or smart water you drink you are going to be hungry or thirsty by the time you come home after Shul Friday Night. So what do you break your fast […]

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A New Year A New You

Ok the headline really makes no sense for this post but it’s a great headline for the new year. We used this headline a lot in my Doubelday/Bookspan/Direct Brands etc… days. I started to “cook” a fish head and a lambs head for Rosh Hashana because I thought it would be funny. Yes, we are […]

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Money, Money, Money

The New Year is coming —and what we eat is symbolic of what we want to happen during the year. So here are 2 recipes that I hope brings you lots of MONEY! It might not make you happy but it does help! First: This one I got in High School. Raisins and Celery — […]

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Black-Pepper-Crusted Tuna and Green-Beans

These 2 recipes came from Glamour Magazine in 2013. YES! Both are easy to make and very yummy. This is such an easy appetizer you can make 3 pieces of tuna—my way in less then 5 minutes! The right way to eat seared tuna is raw on the inside. Its not worth spending the money […]

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Easy Spiced Chicken and Garlicky Rice

I have had a superscription for Cooking Light for years, its a great magazine if you cook. I tend to tear out recipes all the time — we all do that — but do we really make them? I did — with this chicken because it is easy — they say to use only chicken […]

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Balsamic Flank Steak

As the summer winds-down and BBQ season is ending I have a Flank Steak EASY (a given) recipe. If you are like me and have not used your Grill in years — just broil it! Sorry all you Chefs out there. 1/4 Cup Balsamic Vinegar 1T Worcestershire Sauce 2 tsp. dark brown sugar (I use […]

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Watermelon Watermelon Watermelon

  A few summers back I was into Watermelon, I do not have the recipes I used but I found 2 online— BOTH easy and fun. Last hurrah before the summer is gone! Vodka-Infused Watermelon     1 bottle (.75 liter) of vodka 1 large watermelon 1 If your watermelon doesn’t have a flat side […]

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Grilling Vegetables

It takes talent to cook vegetables properly. I have zero patience or cooking talent–so I came up with a Toby solution: -Olive Oil, Trader Joe’s ( -Salt, Himalayan: purchase one that is already in a grinder -Coarse Pepper Use all three ingredients on the vegetables of your choice. Keep them all separate. I found out […]

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