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Meatballs All Year Round

I will dedicate this recipe to my Mother in Law Chippy. She gets the credit for this. Its perfect all year round AND even pesach. One year I made 4 pounds of it and it all went.


2 LB chopped meat
2 eggs
1t salt
1t pepper
1/4 garlic
1/2 cup Matzah Meal

Mix all this together in a bowl

In a pot that you will be cooking the meatballs in put in:

2 cans of tomato sauce 10 oz each or one large ca
2T lemon Juice
2T wine
1/2 cup sugar

Place all sauce items in the pot you plan on cooking the meatballs in stir, keep on a low flame. Add the meatballs. On the low flame cook for 1 1/2 hours

“What does a graphic designer know about food? Nothing!”

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