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Caesar Salad

The best recipes come from your friends because they would never leave out an ingredient. Yes, that has happened and you know who you are those recipe hoarders! And you know who you are the ones that this has happened too. So going back to my recipe box, and index cards and way before you look ups on the internet for a thousand recipes. Here is a Caesar Salad that is Pareve and yummy. Ok you may question the 3 teaspoons of pepper but I promise you it works. So if your concerned do what I would do and put what ever you like.

Cesar Salad Pareve Dressing
1/2 Cup Oil
1T sugar
1t mustard
1t salt
3t black pepper
1/2t soy sauce
1 Garlic clove
1/4t vinegar

2 hard boiled eggs mashed
Romain Lettuce

Shredded or buy a precut Romain lettuce. Sprinkle the mashed eggs over lettuce and pour dressing over that and mix well. Then add croutons. Enjoy


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