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So what are you going to eat?….

In my house or ME its all about after the fast. Let’s be real no matter how much protein you eat and how much water or smart water you drink you are going to be hungry or thirsty by the time you come home after Shul Friday Night.

So what do you break your fast on? Is the BIG question for me it’s coffee, cake and soup and this time Hewlett Station Yogurt its buy 1 get 1 free — the fast ends on a Saturday night.

Potato Soup
2 onions
3T butter
4 medium potatoes cut into small chunks
3C water
1T soup mix
1/8t pepper (I add more)
1/8t FRESH dill (I add more— at least 1/4 cup if I had to measure.
      if you want to be fancy use extra dill for garnish
1C milk (again fat free milk — BUT don’t forget the butter 😉

In a soup pot, melt butter add onions till they are translucent. Add all ingredients except dill and milk. Cook for about 20 min or potatoes are soft. Puree 1/2 of the soup then mix it back in the pot add milk and dill. Enjoy!

OMG— I almost signed off with out telling you my thought about fasting in general— the positive side is you get to loose weight! Have an easy fast, thanks for reading.

“What does a graphic designer know about food? Nothing!”

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