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A New Year A New You

Ok the headline really makes no sense for this post but it’s a great headline for the new year. We used this headline a lot in my Doubelday/Bookspan/Direct Brands etc… days.

I started to “cook” a fish head and a lambs head for Rosh Hashana because I thought it would be funny. Yes, we are all aware that I have an interesting sense of humor— so if you are reading this you have accepted me for the good bad and the ugly. These images in this post are real and they are in my freezer and they will be on my table this Yom Tov.


To Fish or Not to Fish
Fish multiply in great number. They never sleep. They swim in water. Believe it or not these are reasons why they are eaten by some Jews on Rosh Hashanah. We hope the year will be one of plenty, just as fish are extremely fruitful. Just as fish never sleep, we hope to maintain a constant awareness of our mission in life and to remain cognizant of God’s expectations at all times. Since fish are underwater the evil eye cannot penetrate the depths, and we wish to be free of any negative wishes.

Yet there are some Jews, among them certain Sephardim, who will not eat fish on Rosh Hashanah. In Hebrew fish is “dag” and that sounds too close to “da’ahgah,” worry, for comfort.

Animal Heads
When Jews were closer to agriculture and to the ways of the marketplace butcher, the following custom probably didn’t sound as nauseating. With the prayer “May it be God’s will that we will be the head and not the tail,” Jews kept a sheep, rooster, or a fish head on the Rosh Hashanah table.  /SymbolicFoods.htm#Animal_Heads


I found this a few years back Trader Joe’s Creamed Honey 16 oz jar spread Clover Blossom Grade A Unfiltered #TraderJoes

It’s great because it does not drip all over the place, and who does not LOVE Trader Joe’s.



Wishing you all A Shana Tova, a Happy and Healthy New Year.